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Our HR platform simplifies the process of creating your Employent Hero profile by breaking it down into smaller, manageable tasks. Once you complete your profile you can start using Employment Hero to undertake a wide range of tasks. For example, submitting timesheets and leave, complete a one-on-one and view your organisation's company values. 

What you need to do

There are six steps you will need to complete when joining the Employment Hero HR platform and you will complete these actions through the HR platform. The steps are:

Step 1: Set your password

The first step to joining the Employment Hero HR platform is for you to set your password. You will use the password you set on this page to login into your account from now on. The steps on how to set your password are:


Your invitation link to join the HR platform can expire. If this has happened to you, your manager can send a new invitation link through to you. If your manager is unsure of how to do this, forward them the following article.

  1. Open up the email invitation email.
  2. In the password sentence, click the Here button.
    screenshot of an email from employment hero asking to confirm your password
  3. Enter your password into the Password field.
  4. Click the Set Password button.
    screenshot of where the link from that email takes you to and where you can set your password on the employment hero portal
Step 2: Sign your contract

Next, you will see your employment contract, which you need to review, acknowledge and sign. You can always access your contract once you finish onboarding from the My Documents feature. The steps on how to sign your contract are:


If you do not see your contract displayed, this means your manager has decided to onboard you onto the HR platform without a contract. Your manager can always assign you your contract at any point after you finish your onboarding steps. If your manager is unsure of how to assign you a contract post-onboarding, forward them the following article.

  1. Review your contract terms.
  2. Click the By Signing and Finalising this Document tick box, to acknowledge you have read, understood and agreed to your contract terms.
  3. In the Signature field, use your mouse to sign your signature, or click the Upload button to import your existing signature pad. The recommended size for your upload is 300 x 100 pixels. 
  4. Click the Sign and Accept button.
    screenshot of your digital contract with a red box round the box that needs to be ticked to finalise the document
Step 3: Enter your personal details

The next stage is inputting your personal details such as your date of birth, address, personal phone number, emergency contacts, and bank account details. The steps on how to complete your personal details are:

  1. In the Personal Details section, complete the following fields:
    • Title:
      • Mr.
      • Ms.
      • Mrs.
      • Miss.
      • Dr.
      • Mx.
    • Date of birth.
    • Gender:
      • Female.
      • Male.
      • Non-binary.
      • Prefer not to say.
    • Address country.
    • Address line 1.
    • Address line 2.
    • City/Town.
    • Postcode.
    • State/province/country.
    • Time zone.
    • Personal phone number.
    screenshot of the employee onboarding page and the personal detail fields
  2. In the Emergency Contact section, complete the following fields:
    • Contact name.
    • Daytime contact number.
    • After hours number.
    • After hours mobile.
    • Relationship.
  3. In the Banking Details section complete the following fields:
    • Account name.
    • Account number.
    • Sort Code.
    • Roll number.
  4. If there is an Additional Information section, complete the required fields.

    Helpful Hint

    If you can not see the Additional Information section, this means your manager has not enabled this feature for you. If you would like to use this feature, forward on to your manager the following article.

  5. Click the Next button. 
    screenshot of the continuing personal information as you fill it in you click the blue next button at the bottom right hand side of the screen
Step 4: Enter your tax and NI details

The next stage is inputting your tax and national insurance into the HR platform electronic declaration form. The steps on how to complete your tax and NI details are:

Helpful Hint

If you are a new employee, choose whether to select the Do you have a P45 Form tick box. If you select this field, the P45 form will now show on your onboarding screen.

  1.  Complete the following fields in the Tax and NI section:
    • Do you have a P45 form.
    • Employee statement:
      • Only job (Started on or before 6th of April).
      • Only job started on the 6ths of April).
      • More than one income.
    • Has student loan:
      • Plan 1.
      • Plan 2.
    • Has post grad load.
    • National insurance number.
  2. Complete the following fields in the National Insurance Details section:
    • National insurance number (NINO).
    • National insurance category:
      • Category A - Standard rate (most employees).
      • Category B - Reduced rate (females only, married/widows).
      • Category C - Pensioners (employees over state pension age).
      • Category H - Apprenticeships for U25.
      • Category J - Deferred rate (employee has another job).
      • Category M - Standard rate for U21.
      • Category Z - Deferred rate for U21 (Employee has another job).
  3. complete the following fields in the Previous Employer (P45) section:
    • Employee PAYE reference.
    • Leaving date.
    • Student loan deduction to continue.
    • Tax code at leaving date.
    • Total pay to date.
    • Total tax to date.
  4. Click the Next button.
    screenshot of page for inputting tax and national insurance details
Step 5: Set your work eligibility

The next stage is inputting your work eligibility details into the HR platform's electronic verification form. The steps on how to enter your work eligibility details are:

  1. Select either Yes or No to the Are you a United Kingdom citizen or a United Kingdom permanent resident question.

    Helpful Hint

    If you answered yes to the question, continue to step 6. If you answered no, then continue to instructional step 2.

    Screenshot of work eligibility screen in a new employee's onboarding process. Highlighted are the sections to complete if you are a UK citizen or permanent resident
  2. Complete the following fields in the Work Eligibility section:
    • Passport number.
    • Passport expiry date.
    • Country of passport.
    • Visa type.
    • Visa expiry date..
  3. Click the Add Documents button to add any supporting documentation.
  4. Click the Acknowledgement tick box.
  5. Click the Next button.
    Screenshot of work eligibility screen in a new employee's onboarding process. Highlighted are the sections to complete if you are not a UK citizen or permanent resident
Step 6: Upload required certifications

Next, you will see a list of certifications your employer requires you to have before you can start your role. The steps on how you upload the required certifications are:

  1. Click the Actions   button.
  2. Click the   Edit button.
    screenshot showing how to upload certifications
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Any driving offences/accidents/cancellations.
    • Completion date.

    Helpful Hint

    Depending on the certification type assigned to you, the field will either say Completion Date or Expiry Date.

    • Supporting documentation.

    Helpful Hint

    Click or drag the desired file onto the Upload tile. Once the supporting documentation uploads successfully, the platform will automatically save the file. The maximum uploaded file size allowed is 10Mb.

  4. Click the Save button.
    screenshot for uploading certification. once you have dragged and dropped the file to upload it you need to enter the certificate date and then confirm you are happy with the uploaded file
  5. Click the Finish button.
    screenshot of the certifications page with the finish button highlighted to show where to click when you have finished uploading your documents

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