Side navigation menu customisation via the HR platform

We provide a customisable side navigation menu feature. It allows you to enable or disable HR platform features that you many not want your employees and/or independent contractor accessing. For example, if your organisation does not need employees to access the Safety feature, then you can turn this feature off and your employees cannot access it.

HR Best Practise

If you decide to launch to your employees with just a few basic features at first, we would recommend you disable the menu items that you are not using to avoid any confusion from your employees. When you are ready to release additional features to your employees, you can re-enable those menu items. 


HR Plan:   Standard   Premium   Platinum
  User Access:   Employee         Manager         Admin      

  We base the default access level on a per user basis and whether they have  view,  edit and  delete access and excluding any changes made via our Custom Security feature.

Getting started

Customise the side navigation menu
  1. Click the  Settings menu.
  2. Scroll to the Customisation section.
  3. Click the Menu submenu.
  4. Select the side navigation menu options:
    • An employee can access.
    • An independent contractor can access.
  5. Click the Save button.
    Side 1.jpg

Further information

Menu customisation feature availability
Area Feature Standard Premium Platinum

Independent Contractors

Yes Yes Yes
Documents Documents Yes Yes Yes
Policies Yes Yes Yes

Bulk Issue Documents

  Yes Yes

Document Templates

  Yes Yes

Induction Content

Induction Content

  Yes Yes
Safety Safety Yes Yes Yes

Leave Requests

Yes Yes Yes
Timesheets Yes Yes Yes

Pay Slips

Yes Yes Yes
Expenses   Yes Yes

Compensation Management

  Yes Yes
Coaching 1:1s   Yes Yes
Feedback   Yes Yes
Learning Learning   Yes Yes
Performance Goals     Yes
360 Reviews     Yes
Performance Reviews   Yes Yes
Tasks Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Certifications Certifications   Yes Yes
Organisation Chart Organisation Chart Yes Yes Yes

Staff Directory (Only available in the Swag app)

Staff Directory (Only available in the Swag app)

  Yes Yes

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