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As an organisation, you use a pay schedule to determine at what time intervals your employees will receive payment and also to calculate the amount to pay your employees. There is no limit on the number of pay schedules you can create and you can configure them for any combination of pay frequencies. So you can have multiple weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay schedules all running at the same time. 

The Pay Schedules feature allows you to create a new pay schedule, specify the pay frequency, and set up the components that need automating and what components still require manual intervention. You can also edit this information if it changes, pause or stop an automation, and delete the information if it is no longer required.

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  I am seeing pay run warnings that are not relevant to my salaried employees pay run. How do I turn these off?   

You can configure pay run warnings at a pay schedule level in the Payroll Settings module. Open the applicable pay schedule and click the   in the Pay Run Warnings field and make the required changes. By default, the platform will tick all the available warnings, but you can un-tick any that are not relevant to that schedule.

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