SmartMatch settings management via the HR platform

The SmartMatch feature will provide you with a list of possible candidates that match one of your currently available roles. For example, if you are in the employee file and need a new product engineer, you can use our SmartMatch feature to view a list of possible available candidates. 

People managers can see positions under their organisational chart location. You can switch this off via the Recruitment Settings feautre. Also, if you are a people manager, you can access the Recruitment Settings page to turn off the SmartMatch feature for yourself.


SmartMatch is currently available with ‌your paid HR subscription on a pre-release trial. We do not currently charge you to see candidate recommendations or hire any of the recommended candidates. We are working hard to improve the effectiveness of SmartMatch with the aim of making it the best way to find talent. Further details regarding the full release of SmartMatch will be announced soon.


HR Plan:   Standard   Premium   Platinum
  User Access:   Employee         Manager         Admin      

  This is the default access level per user and whether they have  view,  edit and  delete access, excluding any changes made via our Custom Security feature.

Editing data

Edit your SmartMatch settings
  1. Click the   Settings menu.
  2. Under General Settings, click the Recruitment Settings submenu.
  3. Click the SmartMatch tab.
  4. Choose where to enable the SmartMatch features in platform.

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