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At Employment Hero, your privacy is a top priority, which is why we are committed to protecting your personal data and keeping it secure. Please find below responses to the most frequently asked questions regarding our recent Privacy Policy updates.


Frequently asked questions

  Why am I being contacted about the Employment Hero Privacy Policy?  

You are receiving this communication as you are now, or have previously been a customer, user, or contact of Employment Hero and have provided us with your personal information.

We retain data in accordance with law and our data retention policy. Unless you have exercised your right to have your personal information deleted from our systems, you may still receive notifications about updates to our Privacy Policy.

  Why are you updating the Privacy Policy?  

We are updating our Privacy Policy to reflect the growth and changes of our business as we further developed our products and have begun offering new services to our customers. To review our updated Privacy Policy, please click here. While to review the Data Processing Addendum

  What is changing in Employment Hero's Privacy Policy?  

The most significant changes to our Privacy Policy are listed below:

  • Increased scope of the policy

    The update to the Privacy Policy gives clarity on the scope of the policy and gives detail on the coverage of the full suite of our products and services, including the Applicant Tracking System, Global Teams employer of record services, Hero Passport, and new features of our Employment Hero Platform (including Hero Wallet services and Superannuation services).

  • Changes to the style and structure of the policy

    We have separated many of the categories of the policy into sub-categories to make the policy more user-friendly and show how we handle personal information based on the different services we provide.

(The following sections have been changed or added as a part of this update.)

  • What personal information do we collect?

    We have included more high-level detail in relation to the types of personal information we may collect when providing our services. This section covers the types of personal information collected in providing our products and services, as applicable to you.

  • How is your personal information collected?

    This section provides information on how we might collect personal information from you to provide you with our products and services. This section also covers our collection of personal information from third parties as needed to provide you with our products and services.

  • How we use your Personal Information

    We have renamed the section titled “Purpose of collecting, holding, using, and disclosing personal information" to How we use your Personal Information”.

    We have added new purposes for using Personal Information that relate to the provision of our services, including our use of Personal Information to provide our Superannuation services.

  • How we share your Personal Information

    We have renamed the section titled “Disclosure of Personal Information” to “How we share your Personal Information”

    We have given more detail on how we share personal information based on the different products and services we provide, and how we share personal information with our third party partners and across the Employment Hero Group. For instance, this section explains how we may share your personal information with financial institutions to provide our Hero Wallet services.  We have also included superannuation institutions as parties with whom we share personal information for the purpose of providing our Superannuation services.

  • Overseas disclosure of Personal Information

    This section has been expanded to include transfer of Personal Information to all the countries in which our affiliates and third party service providers operate for the purposes of carrying out business functions and providing our services. This section also gives assurance of the fact that overseas disclosure of Personal Information takes place with adequate protections.

  • Do we use your Personal Information for direct marketing?

    We have included wording that provides clear detail on how we use personal information for the purposes of direct marketing and your rights to opt-out of receiving such marketing communications.

    This update also covers our use of personal information to market products and services in relation to our Superannuation services.

  • GDPR compliance

    We added a section that states that some of our processing of personal information will be governed under the GDPR, which will be covered by our EU/UK Privacy Policy.

  • Google API Policy

    We have added a section that states our compliance with the Google API Services User Data Policy, when applicable.

  • Access to, and correction or deletion of Personal Information

    We have included wording that states a user’s obligation to request that their employer delete their personal information from our platforms, and further request that we delete the personal information from our systems. 

    This section also includes our procedure of requiring proof of identity from parties before we reveal personal information to them and carry out their instructions under this section.

  • Retention

    We have added this section that covers our retention of personal information in accordance with law and our data retention policy.

  • Enforcement and Complaints

    We have added a section that covers options to make complaints about privacy issues. A table has been included which provides a list of supervisory authorities for the countries in which we operate.

  Will you share my personal information with third parties?  

We share your personal information with third parties only to the extent necessary to provide you with our products and services. Our updated Privacy Policy explains when and why we may share personal information with third parties.

  Does Employment Hero sell my personal information?  

No, we do not sell your personal information to any third parties. Any sharing of personal information with third parties is carried out only for the purposes of operating our business and providing our products and services to our customers. Any sharing of personal information is done securely and in accordance with data protection laws and our Privacy Policy.

  When did this change take place?  

These changes take place as of the 14th November 2022.

  Does Employment Hero comply with data protection laws?  

We take your privacy and protection of personal information seriously and we are committed to complying with the Privacy Laws applicable in the countries within which we operate, including the Australian Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles, the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020 and the GDPR.

  Does this Privacy Policy cover GDPR compliance?  

Our EU/UK Privacy Policy provides for any processing of personal information/personal data by us to which the GDPR applies.

  Is my personal information stored securely at Employment Hero?  

Yes. We take privacy compliance and security very seriously and are an ISO 27001 compliant organisation. You can read more about our policies and processes here:

  What can I do if I have questions about these changes?  

If you have any questions or concerns about the changes made to our privacy policy, please reach out to us via email at

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