CP39 reporting via the payroll platform

Form CP39 is the Statement of Tax Deduction by an Employer. It lists all employees and the MTD (monthly tax deductions) that are made on their behalf. MTD is applicable to individuals who receive employment income, and this is deducted according to the PCB calculator. This form is then required to be sent (by the employer) to the IRB monthly, on the 15th of the following month.

Generate the Report

Access the report by clicking on Reports.

Navigate to Statutory reporting and select IRB - CP39 (Statement of monthly tax deduction).

You are able to filter the report using the following:

  • As at month: You can change months by clicking on the calendar icon;
  • Pay schedule: Will list all active pay schedules within the business;
  • Employing entity: Only applicable if there are multiple employing entities set up;
  • Employee: An individual employee can be selected;
  • Employee default location: As configured on the Employee file > Pay run defaults page.


Once you have set the desired parameters, click the Generate button to show the results of the report. 

The results of the report will list the following:

  • Employee Id: as listed on the Employee file > Details page;
  • Employee: employee name;
  • TRN: Tax reference number, as listed on the Employee file > Statutory details page;
  • Identity card / Passport number: as listed on the Employee file > Statutory details page;
  • Gross Earnings: 
  • MTD: Month to date earnings
  • CP38: applicable if an employee has tax arrears payable



Employees with earnings but zero contributions in a month will not be included in the statutory contribution report, this is to eliminate errors when uploading the statutory contribution report. The CP39 report excludes employees if both their MTD and CP38 are zero in the month.

Export the Report

You are able to export the report as a PDF, CSV or TXT file.

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