SOCSO & EIS - Monthly contribution report via the payroll platform

This monthly report allows administrators to submit SOCSO and EIS contributions simultaneously, as from July 2022 they can be combined into one report. Submissions can be made via data entry or uploading contributions from finalised pay runs for all employees.

Generate the Report
  1. Log into your payroll account
  2. Click on Reporting
  3. Scroll to Statutory reporting
  4. Select SOCSO & EIS Combined Report socso1.jpeg
  5. You will then be asked to enter the following information:
  6. As at month: You can change months by clicking on the calendar icon;
  7. Pay schedule: Will list all active pay schedules within the business;
  8. Employing entity: Only applicable if there are multiple employing entities set up;
  9. Employee: An individual employee can be selected;
  10. Employee default location: As configured on the Employee file > Pay run defaults page.
  11. Click Generate.

The Second way:

  1. Log into your payroll account
  2. Click on Pay Runs
  3. Select a finalised Pay Run
  4. Click on the Statutory Exports tab in each finalised pay run.
  5. This takes you to this screen. Enter the requested data:
  • Select a Pay run date range: result of the report will be based on period end date, i.e. if a payrun has a period end date that falls within the selected date range, data of that payrun will be captured in the report.
  • Employing Entity
  • Pay Schedule
  • Exports (Select SOSCO/EIS): Employers are reminded by the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) to pay their contributions for the Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) before the 15th of each month (or previous working day if 15th is a holiday). EIS can be paid via online banking, over the counter and through Perkeso assist portal.
  1. Click Export.
The Results
The results of the report will list the following:
  • Employee name
  • Identity card number
  • Gross earnings (RM)
  • SOCSO - Employer (RM)
  • SOCSO - Employee (RM)
  • EIS - Employer (RM)
  • EIS - Employee (RM)


Employees with earnings but zero contributions in a month will not be included in the statutory contribution report, this is to eliminate errors when uploading the statutory contribution report. The SOCSO 8A report excludes employees if both their employer SOCSO & employee SOCSO are zero in the month.

Export the Report
  • You can generate a PDF, TXT and Excel.
  • The Excel and PDF version is an internal payroll report only.
  • The TXT file version is submitted to Perkeso.
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