Managing leave categories via the HR platform for HR and payroll connected organisations

Available for the following New HR plan Standard, Premium, Platinum Available for the following user access levels: Employee, Manager, Admin

Leave categories allow your employees to submit time off against a pre-defined criteria. The Leave Category feature allows you to synchronise the leave categories created on your payroll platform and make them selectable in the HR platform. Employment Hero will then have the latest payroll configuration data, meaning you will have the correct information in the HR platform.


For all payroll-connected organisations, leave categories are now managed through your payroll platform. If your organisation uses the HR platform as a standalone, meaning you are not connected to a payroll platform, please refer to this article: Managing leave categories via the HR platform for HR-only orgsanisations.

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Daily activities

Update leave categories from Payroll
  1. Log into your payroll platform.
  2. Click the  Settings menu.
  3. Under Payroll Settings, click the Leave Categories submenu.
  4. Click the Update From Payroll button.
    screenshot of the leave categories screen, with a highlight on the update from payroll button

    Helpful Hint

    You will now see an updated list of your leave categories from your payroll platform. A category with a red exclamation point icon means it is disabled. 

    screenshot of the screen showing updated leave categories from payroll

Further information

Ongoing synchronisation with the payroll platform

Once you have connected your payroll and HR platforms, the HR platform becomes the source of truth for your company settings, payroll settings, and employee file data.To read further details on how to manage leave categories on your payroll platform, refer to the following article.

When you first connect the two platforms, the HR platform will pull the data from the payroll platform into the HR platform, such as your leave category data. Any changes to leave categories after the initial integration requires you to update your pay schedule data manually.

When an admin deletes a leave category on the HR platform, Employment Hero will syncronise this deletion of leave category from HR to payroll to ensure that both platforms are aligned. 

Why does the leave category show as disabled?

The HR platform will show a leave category as disabled if the data no longer exists on your payroll platform. You can not delete disabled pay categories if you have used them previously in the HR platform. This is for platform data accountability and to make sure that when you use the Audit Trail feature, we display the correct history of changes that occurred in the platform.

How can I create or edit leave categories?

You can create, edit, and manage leave categories in your payroll platform.

Can I still manage leave requests in the HR platform?

You can still manage leave in the HR platform. It's only the leave categories that need to be managed in the payroll platform.

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