How do I re-activate a terminated employee via the HR platform?

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How do I re-activate a terminated employee?


You can re-activate a terminated employee from the Personnel Overview page by using the Re-activation feature.


You can only use the re-activation feature if the employee status shows as terminated.

Helpful Hint

Reactivating a terminated employee will allow you to keep the employee's original login/account email. When the reactivated employee logs in again, it is important that you remind them to update any personal details which may have changed.

In case you need to change their account email, we recommend doing that before reactivating their profile. This way, they only need to access their new email address to confirm the change.

Re-activating an employee
  1. Click the   People menu.
  2. Click the Employee List submenu.
  3. Filter by Employee Status.
  4. Choose to include Terminated employees from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Actions button.
  6. Click the Re-active Employee button.
    Screenshot of the HR platform showing how to reactivate an employee who is terminated.
  7. Choose from the following options:
    • No, I do not want to trigger onboarding checklists.
    • Yes, I want to trigger onboarding checklists.
  8. Click the Re-Activate button.

Further actions

Update re-activated employee details
  1. After re-activating an employee, you will need to update their details, including their new start date, and any pay details if applicable. To do this, head to the Employee List and select the newly re-activated employee.
  2. Select the Employment details tab, then select Edit.
  3. Select Start date and enter the date that they were re-activated.
  4. You can also edit any other details here if they have changed since their last tenure.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Head back to the employee's file and select the Edit option under the Actions drop-down menu.
  7. Edit any details according to their re-activation date, and select Save.
  8. Head to the Pay details tab
  9. The pay details from their last tenure will be the active pay details. If the pay details need to be updated, move on to the next step. If the pay details are the same, continue to step 12.
  10. To update the employee's pay details, select Create a new salary.
  11. Update the employee's new pay details and select Save.
  12. The Work hours and Pay run details will remain the same from their last employment date. To check these, head to the Work hours and Pay run details within the Pay details tab.
  13. If applicable, change these values to their new pay details.

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