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As an organisation, you would use a pay schedule to determine at what time intervals your employees will receive payment. Your organisation could have employees on weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedules, each with a different setup that makes sure your employees get paid the correct amount at the correct time.

This feature allows you to synchronise the pay schedules created on your payroll platform and make them selectable within your HR platform. This will make sure your HR platform has the latest payroll configuration data and your employee records have the correct information.


HR Plan:   Free   Standard   Premium   Platinum
Payroll Plan:   Standard   Premium
  User Access:   Employee         Manager         Admin      

  We base the default access level on a per user basis and whether they have  view,  edit and  delete access and excluding any changes made via our Custom Security feature.

Getting started

The below premise will walk you through how to sync your pay schedules from your payroll platform

Update pay schedules
  1. Click the   Settings menu.
  2. Click the Pay Schedules submenu.
  3. Click the   Update From Payroll button.

    Helpful Hint

    The Pay Schedule page will now show a grey   Updated button and means the HR platform has successfully imported your pay schedules from your payroll platform.


Further information

Ongoing synchronisation with the payroll platform

Once you have connected your payroll and HR platforms, the HR platform becomes the source of truth for your company settings, payroll settings, and employee file data. To read further details on how to update an employee's salary history details, refer to the following article.

When you first connect the two platforms, the HR platform will pull the data from the payroll platform into the HR platform, such as your pay schedule data. Any additional changes to pay schedules after this initial integration, requires you to update your pay schedule data manually.

Once you have imported any recent changes from the payroll platform, you can make amendments to an employee's file, such as their salary history. To read further details on how to manage pay schedules on your payroll platform, refer to the following article.

Why does the pay schedule show as disabled?

The HR platform will show a pay schedule as disabled if the data no longer exists on your payroll platform. You can not delete disabled pay categories if you have used them previously in the HR platform. The reason for this is platform data accountability and to make sure that when you use the Audit Trail feature, we display the correct logs of what changes occurred within your platform.

Author recommended

So you have now updated your organisations pay schedules and you are now wondering what next can I do. There are two recommendations I would make on this front and they are:

  • HR platform: Update pay categories This feature is where you can sync the latest pay category data from your payroll platform over to your Employment Hero platform.
  • HR platform: Leave categories This feature is where you can sync the latest leave category data from your payroll platform over to your Employment Hero platform.
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