QuickBooks Online error: Pay category does not exist


Type Feature Error Description
Import conflict Pay Category Pay category does not exist on QuickBooks Online


This error occurs if the pay category does not exist within your QuickBooks Online platform because of this, Employment Hero automatically disables the pay category, causing this issue.


Adding the pay category to QuickBooks Online and then re-syncing the two platforms will resolve this issue.

Resolving this error
  1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online platform. 
  2. Click the Business Settings menu.
  3. Click the Payroll Settings submenu.
  4. Click the Pay Categories button.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. Enter the pay category name and click the Save button.
  7. Complete the following fields:
    • Name.
    • Units.
    • Super rate.
    • Rate loading.


    The QuickBooks Online platform will add the rate loading amount on top of the base rate.

    • Penalty loading.
    • PAYG exempt.
    • Accrues leave.
    • Payroll tax exempt.
    • Exclude from W1 in journals.
    • Hide units on pay slip.


    The QuickBooks Online platform will add the penalty loading amount on top of the base rate and the rate loading.

    • External ID.
    • Payment classification.
    • Rate precision.

    Helpful Hint

    You can click the Add Linked Category button to link pay categories together. When linking a pay category to a base pay category, you only need to specify the base rate for the employee and it will automatically calculate the rate for the linked pay categories.

  8. Click the Save button.
  9. Log into your Employment Hero platform.
  10. Click the Payroll Settings menu.
  11. Click the Pay Categories submenu.
  12. Click the Update From Payroll button.

    Helpful Hint

    The Pay Categories page will now show a grey Updated button. This means Employment Hero has successfully imported your pay categories from your QuickBooks Online platform.

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