Payroll platform: Processing a super batch payment


Providing you with a step-by-step guide on how you can process a super batch payment, which you can do via the Super Payment module. You will need to undertake the below steps via your Employment Hero Payroll platform. To process a super batch payment, you need to complete the following prerequisites:


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Getting started

This section will walk you through how you can process a super batch payment via our clearing house Beam. You will first need to set up and register with Beam and assign an employee super fund.

Processing a super batch payment
  1. Click the   Business Settings menu.
  2. Click the Super Payments submenu.
  3. Click the New Super Payment Batch button.
  4. Select from the following filter options:
    • Date range:
      • This month.
      • This quarter to date.
      • Last month.
      • Last quarter.
      • Custom.
    • Pay schedule.
    • Contribution type.
      • Super guarantee.
      • Salary sacrifice.
      • Member voluntary.
      • Employer contribution.
    • Employing entity.
  5. Click the Filter button.
  6. Click the Create Batch button.
  7. Click the Submit button. 
  8. Select the required payment method from the Payment Method drop-down.
  9. Click the Submit button.
  10. Click the Acknowledge the Terms and Conditions tick box.
  11. Click the OK button.

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Author recommended

So you have now created your super batch payment and you are now wondering what next can I do. There are two recommendations I would make on this front and they are:

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