Audit trail reporting via the HR platform

Sometimes in your organisation you may see a record that has undergone a change, but you can be unsure of the who, when, and what. The Audit Trail report feature shows you who made those changes with the ability to drill down based on either the employee's name or a specific feature. You can also view the details of each update, giving you granular details on the changes undertaken.


HR Plan:   Free   Standard   Premium   Platinum
  User Access:   Employee         Manager         Admin      

  We base the default access level on a per user basis and whether they have  view,  edit and  delete access and excluding any changes made via our Custom Security feature.

Getting started

Create an audit trail report
  1. Click the   Reports menu.
  2. Click the People tab.
  3. Click the Audit Trail box.
  4. Choose from the following filters:
    • Module.
      • Okrs/Comments.
      • Pay Details.
      • Timesheets.
      • Oks/Objectives.
      • Tax Declarations.
      • Employment Settings.
      • Interview Evaluation.
      • Custom Fields.
      • Personnel.
      • Employee Benefits.
      • Superannuation.
      • Leave requests.
      • Ats Roles.
      • Organisation.
      • Employment History.
    • Date range.
    • Event.
      • Activate membership.
      • Updated.
      • Delete.
      • Re-activated.
      • Update.
      • Offboarded.
      • Create.
      • Offboarding cancelled.
      • Onboarded.
      • Assign.
    • Affected Personnel.
  5. Click the Apply button.
  6. Click the View Details button.

    Helpful Hint

    You will now see on your screen details of the changes made to the employee record.

Further information

Data displayed in the audit trail report
Module. Audited Action.
Custom fields. Create a custom field.
Update a custom field.
Delete a custom field.
Employment history. Add employment history.
Update your employment history.
Delete employment history.
Expenses Create an expense.
Edit an expense.
Delete an expense.
Goals (OKRS). Create a goal objective.
Update a goal objective.
Delete a goal or objective.
Create a goal key result.
Update a goal key result.
Deleted a goal key result.
Create a goal comment.
Update a goal comment.
Delete a goal comment.
Leave request. Update a leave request.
Delete a leave request.
Organisation. All update events.
Deleting an organisation.
Pay details. Create a salary.
Update salary version.
Delete salary version.
Performance. Delete a review.
Personnel. Activate a membership.
Re-active membership.
Delete an employee.
Update manager (Primary and/or Secondary).
Update location.
Update team.
Superannuation. Create superannuation funds for a member.
Update superannuation for a member.
Delete superannuation for a member.
Timesheets. Update daily timesheet entry.
Delete daily timesheet entry.
Updating weekly timesheet entry.
Delete weekly timesheet entry.

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  • Can I download or export the audit trail report?

  • Hi Jennifer Foster, thank you for your comment.

    Currently it is not possible to do that.

    Although this is not current functionality, please be assured, I have noted this as feedback and shared with our product development team for future consideration.


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