Payroll lodgment error: CMN.ATO.Payment. EM92172


Type. Feature. Error Number. Error Name.
STP Lodgement error. Payroll event. CMN.ATO.PAYMENT.EM92172 We were unable to process your submission because we already have a submission with this submission ID.


This error means that the payroll platform has detected that the ATO has already received the lodgement event and that you have lodged it multiple times. This may have occurred because there was an issue processing the response the first time and so you attempted to re-lodge the data.


If you are trying to submit an original pay event to make a correction to your submitted employee data, you can instead try submitting it as an update event. To read further information on how to submit an Update Event, you can refer to the following article. Alternatively, you can contact our support team and quote the pay event ID.

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