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We process your billing on the 1st of every month, and invoices sent to you via email on the same day. Then, on the 8th of the month we will process the amount specified on the invoice from the credit card that we have on record for you. The invoice attached will be in PDF and Excel format.

The Excel version includes a worksheet called Invoiced Employees. The worksheet lists all employees that have met the definition of an active employee within the billing period and identifies the reason. It could be because you included them in a pay run or had approved timesheets, leave, expenses or published shifts.


From the 1st January 2023, we will begin charging a quarterly super processing fee of $0.25 per employee. Also, the below content applies to our payroll-only customers.

Active employees

An active employee is defined as any individual set up as an employee or contractor or anything else in the business that you include in one or more of the following activities within the billing period:

  • A finalised pay run even if that pay run is later unlocked.
  • An approved timesheet even if that timesheet is then unapproved or rejected.
  • An expense request you approved, even if that expense request is then unapproved or declined.
  • A leave request you approved, even if that leave request is then unapproved or declined/
  • A shift you published, even if that shift is then unpublished.

We will capture these activities within the billing period when you undertake these actions. For example, if you finalise a pay run on the 10th of July, regardless of the pay period date range, or a timesheet dated in May, you only get approved on the 12th of July. In both these cases we will include them in the invoice sent on the 1st of August that pertains to the 1st July to the 31st July billing period.

An important note regarding active users is that we count each active user as unique. Specifically, if you include an employee in both a finalised pay run and approved timesheets, we will only count that employee as one active user on your invoice.

In addition to the fee per active employee, other billable items include SMS notifications and automated super payments, where you have made super payments more often than quarterly for any individual employee.

Invoices for businesses

Full Access users can also access their business invoices by going to the Payroll Settings Invoices Download page. You can download your invoice as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

What we include in your invoice

Your invoice will include the following details:

  • The pay period of each finalised pay run within the billing period and the number of employees included in each pay run.
  • The number of timesheets first approved within the billing period and the number of employees belonging to those timesheets.
  • The number of leave requests first approved within the billing period and the number of employees belonging to those leave requests.
  • The number of expense requests first approved within the billing period and the number of employees belonging to those expense requests.
  • The number of rostered shifts first published within the billing period and the number of employees belonging to those shifts.
  • The value in the 'Quantity' column will be the number of unique active employees involved in any of the above listed activities;
  • The unit price for each active employee. We derive the unit priced from the plan you have selected as part of your subscription. You can manage this from the Payroll Settings Subscription page
  • If you have installed awards in your business, we will list each award and include the number of employees attached to the award.
  • The number of smses sent to employees and whether they relate to pay run, roster and/or pay slip notifications.
  • All super batches submitted in the billing period, including the ID of each batch and the number of employees included in each batch. You may also see an additional row on your invoice that includes a negative amount for super processing. It represents a quarterly credit of super processing.   

Invoices for brands

You can access brands invoices via the Partner dashboard. The information contained in the invoices for brands is as per the business invoice, but we will break it down for each invoiced business under the brand.

Invoices for partners

You can access your invoices via the partner dashboard.

  1. Click on the Partner icon on the left side panel.
  2. Click on the partner's name.
  3. Access the Invoices menu from the left menu.

The information contained in the invoices for partners is as per the business invoice. Additionally, the invoice will outline the details on a per business level and list the brands belonging to your business.

Excel version of invoices

You can also access the Excel version of your invoice, to see the included employees list, by completing the following by going to the Invoices page in the Payroll Settings module. Then click on the Download button for the invoice you wish to download. Lastly, choose the Excel option.

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