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Template module feature breakdown

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The basic editor is a PDF drag and dropper for ready-to-issue docs with limited editing capabilities while the advanced editor is a word-like document processor for content that requires optional clauses, advanced variables, and full formatting.

Feature. Basic Editor. Advanced Editor.

Create template.


Edit template.


Use template to issue document.

    (Can also Bulk issue)

Use auto-populated variables.

  (Limited list)   (Extensive list)

Use manual-inputed variables.

  (Limited list)

  (Extensive list)

Ability to create new variables.



Font selection.


Font formatting.


Upload existing document as template.

  (As PDF only)  

Dynamic text and reformatting.


Text editor.



Optional / removable content (i.e. Contract clauses).    

Clone and edit Employment Hero provided templates.


Clone and edit existing my templates.

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