End of Financial Year - Best Practice Guide

We are here to help you with a smooth End of Financial Year process. In this guide, we​ will go through some best practises you should follow for a seamless EOFY.

Check your platform access

We recommend checking yours and your employees' access to Employment Hero at regular intervals throughout the year. This is to make sure that data is being entered in a timely and accurate manner. The following are some tips to prevent any access issues.

Regularly check your access to Employment Hero

Update your EH HR platform after changing EH payroll platform settings

Any time you update a setting in the EH payroll platform, you will need to pull this information through to the HR platform. Failure to do this will mean that your HR platform settings will override any changes made in your EH payroll platform.

Sync EH payroll platform settings with your HR platform
  1. After making changes in the EH payroll platform, log into the Employment Hero HR platform.
  2. Select the General Settings menu in the navigation sidebar.
  3. Select the Add-ons sub-menu.
  4. Next to Employment Hero Payroll, select the Actions drop-down menu, then select Update.
  5. Next to Pay Items, select Update from Payroll. This will bring over any settings made in your EH payroll platform over to the EH HR platform.

Contact support

To easily contact support and manage your support tickets with Employment Hero Support, we recommend creating a Zendesk account. This will allow you to refer to any tickets, and view any previously sent and received screenshots between you and Employment Hero Support.

Create a Zendesk account
  1. Head to the Employment Hero Help Centre.
  2. Select Sign In.
  3. At the bottom of the log-in box, select Sign Up.
  4. Enter your name and email address. We recommend using the email address that you use for your EH payroll platform. This allows us to quickly match you to your account and support you faster.

System and ATO/STP slowness

During this time, we expect a heavy load on both the EH HR and payroll platforms, as well as the ATO.

EH HR and payroll platform slowness
  • Use the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Clear your web browser cache and cookies.
  • Enable your web browser cookies.

If you are still experiencing slow load times and you are running a pay run, we recommend looking at the size of the pay run. If you have a high number of employees, or a high number of timesheets per employee, this may take longer than expected. In this case, you can try creating more pay schedules to break down the size of the pay run.

ATO STP/TFD service

Due to the high traffic load with the ATO during this time, you may experience status delays after lodging your STP/TFD with the ATO. We ask you to remain patient during this time, as it can take up to 72 hours to display a Final status. 

If your STP lodgment appears as Failed, resubmit your STP/TFD events over the coming days. If the status remains as Failed, please contact Support.

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