Getting Started: What is SmartMatch for employers via the HR platform?

Available for the following HR plans: Standard, Premium, Platinum
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SmartMatch connects your organisation with the best talent who are fit for your job openings, existing roles, and future vacancies. As part of our Recruitment module on the HR platform, this feature gets rid of the need for job ads and streamlines your entire recruitment process. With SmartMatch, you have everything you need on one platform - from hiring to onboarding.

In this guide, we will look at what SmartMatch is, what it offers, and how you can use it. To go to the correct part of the article, click on the topic you want to learn about:

What is SmartMatch?

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What does SmartMatch do?

SmartMatch connects you with relevant candidates for the roles you need. It can help you do the following:

  • Discover a candidate match for a job opening you are currently hiring for.
  • Quickly find someone fit for another role you may need.
  • Find a match for an existing role in your organisation.
  • Backfill a position for an employee who has left or will be leaving.

SmartMatch will use your organisation's data (the roles you need and the locations set for them) to find the best candidate matches for you. In turn, ‌candidates will use the Swag app to create a profile that contains their skills, location, job experience, education, and interest.

Using all this information, the feature will find the talent best fit for your organisation.

SmartMatch lets you view the profiles of the candidate matches. Then, you can contact, save, or hire them, or even mark them as not suitable for the role you need.


Your employees will not be recommended to other companies. Their view of jobs on Swag will also be limited to your organisation's open internal roles.

To learn more, please refer to this article: SmartMatch questions answered via the HR platform.

Where can I find SmartMatch?

You can see the SmartMatch button in the upper right corner, near the notifications bell and your name. You can see this button wherever you are on the platform.

Clicking the SmartMatch button will take you to the SmartMatch screen.

screenshot of the HR platform, highlighting the smart match button in the upper right corner

There is also another way to access SmartMatch. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the Recruitment menu (magnifying glass icon) on the purple sidebar.
  2. When the panel slides out, click SmartMatch.
Will SmartMatch recommend my employees to other employers?

No. Your employees only see jobs available within your organisation through the Swag app. We exclude recommending all active employees on the Employment Hero platform to any organisation.

We rely on ‌account emails to track users that should not be recommended for external roles. We also encourage you to make sure employees have their personal email addresses on the employee file, so those can be excluded from SmartMatch results as well.

To learn how to include this information in the employee file, please refer to the Editing Data section in this article: How do I manage employee personal details and change account emails via the HR platform?

What are the different components of SmartMatch?

Clicking the SmartMatch button (in the upper right corner) will take you to the SmartMatch screen. There, you will see the following components:


The SmartMatch Dashboard acts as a landing page. It will show you an overview of these three sections:

  1. Top roles in your organisation - Here, you can see the candidate matches for active jobs in your organisation. To see talent matches for a role, you can click the View matches button beside the job you need.
  2. Talent Search - This section shows you an overview of your SmartMatch searches. These are roles you made a dedicated SmartMatch search for. Clicking the See all button will take you to the Saved Searches tab.
  3. Candidates who want to work for you - In this bottom part, you will see some candidates who have expressed interest in their preferred roles matching your company. Clicking the See all button will take you to the Interested Candidates tab.

To learn more, please refer to this article: How do I manage SmartMatch candidates on the SmartMatch dashboard via the HR platform?

screenshot of the SmartMatch dashboard

Saved Candidates

The Saved Candidates tab shows you a list of all the candidates you have saved. They will all appear here, whether you saved them from the SmartMatch Dashboard, on an active job listing, or in the employee file.

On this screen, you can perform the following actions:

  1. View each candidate's profile.
  2. Search for a specific candidate.
  3. Filter talents by job title or who in your organisation saved them.
  4. Sort candidates by name or experience.
  5. Connect with a candidate.
  6. Shortlist candidates to existing jobs (individually or in bulk).
  7. Add candidates to your talent pool (individually or in bulk).
  8. Delete candidates (individually or in bulk).

To learn more, please refer to this article: How do I manage my saved SmartMatch candidates via the HR platform?

screenshot of the SmartMatch saved candidates tab

Saved Searches

What are saved searches or SmartMatch roles? These are searches you can make specifically using SmartMatch, hence why they are also called "SmartMatch searches." You can use this for roles that you want to hire for but do not exist in your organisation or you have not created a job opening for.

In the Saved Searches tab, you can create a SmartMart search by simply filling out ten fields. Just ten fields about the job title, industry, location, and employment details - and you are all set:

  1. Job Title.
  2. Industry Standard Job Title - What the job is commonly called.
  3. Industry (Optional).
  4. Workplace type - Remote, Hybrid, or On-Site.
  5. Country.
  6. City.
  7. Radius - How far the candidate can be from the city you entered.
  8. Job Type (Optional) - Permanent, Contract, or Casual/Temporary.
  9. Employee Working Hours (Optional) - Full-time or Part-time.
  10. Experience (Optional) - Entry Level, Internship, Associate, Mid-Level Senior, Director, or Executive.

Six fields are required, while four are optional. "Optional" means you do not have to fill out the field to create the SmartMatch search.


We encourage you to provide as much information as you can. The more criteria you give, the better we can find talent matches for your organisation.

To learn more, please refer to this article: How do I use SmartMatch to look for talent for a new role via the HR platform?

screenshot of the SmartMatch saved searches tab

Interested Candidates

Candidates can express interest in their preferred roles using Swag Jobs. Talents who express interest in jobs matching your organisation, they will appear in the Interested Candidates tab.

On this screen, you will see the following information about the candidates who want to work for your company:

  1. Name.
  2. Job Title.
  3. Distance.
  4. Location.
  5. EOI Date - Expression of interest date.
  6. Relevant Experience.
  7. Recently Active.

For ease of viewing, you can filter candidates by job title, location, relevant experience, recently active, or EOI date.

You can click on the name of the candidate you need. This will produce a slide-out panel where you can view their profile, save them, contact them, or even mark them as not suitable for the role.

To learn more, please refer to this article: How do I manage SmartMatch candidates interested in my organisation via the HR platform?

screenshot of the interested smart match candidates tab

The 'Update Location' button

Location is one of the primary factors that drive SmartMatch results. So, we have made it easy for you to change the location for each role you need.

The Update location button is on the slide-out panel that appears when you click the Talent Recommendations button (the small circles containing candidate initials) in the following places:

  • Personnel file.
  • SmartMatch landing page.
  • Active job listing.

screenshot of the smartmatch panel, highlighting the update location button

When you click the Update Location button, you can choose between Onsite/Hybrid or Remote for the 'Workplace Type' field.

  1. If you choose Onsite/Hybrid option, you can select the country and location.
    screenshot of the update location panel, showing onsite slash hybrid as the workplace type
  2. If you choose the Remote option, you need to pick an answer for the 'Where can Candidates be Based' field:
    • Anywhere - Employees can be based anywhere in the world.
    • Timezone - Employees can be based anywhere within a time zone window.
      • Choose the required timezone.
    • Country - Employees must be based within a specific country.
      • Choose the required candidate country.
    screenshot of the update location panel, showing remote as the workplace type

How can I get started with SmartMatch?

You can start enjoying SmartMatch by checking out our how-to guides on using the feature.

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