Updating my company employment settings via the HR platform

The Employment Settings section allows you to customise your employment settings to suit your business needs. You can, for example, edit settings such as what timesheet type you use in your organisation, whether you have two-level leave approval enabled, or whether to make two-factor authentication mandatory for all your employees.


You will need to have enabled the open beta feature, Negative Leave Balances, before you can use the new features outlined in this article. You can enable this beta feature via the Beta Flask drop-down and selecting Opt-in, though remember this is still an in-development feature and subject to change. To read more on how to enable this in-progress beta feature, refer to the following article.

Helpful Hint

We do not support Daily Hours on Weekly timesheets option on the Swag app.


HR Plan:   Free   Standard   Premium   Platinum
  User Access: Employee   Manager     Admin

  This is the default access level per user and whether they have  view,  edit and  delete access, excluding any changes made via our Custom Security feature.

Editing data

Edit your employment settings
  1. Click the   Settings menu.
  2. Click the Company Settings submenu.
  3. Click the Employment Settings button.
  4. Complete the following fields:


    Refer to the Employment settings feature availability section for which settings are accessible, as this depends on what Employment Hero plan you are on.

    • Setup mode.

    Helpful Hint

    Setup mode allows you to block all outgoing emails from the platform. However, it only blocks emails at the time they trigger, not at the time they would be sent.

    For example, if an action in the HR platform undertaken at 3:00pm triggers an email to go out. The email settings enabled means it will send this message at 7:00pm, and if you switch setup mode on at 5:00pm, this email will go into a queue to send once you switch setup mode off. However, if you were to turn setup mode on at 2:00pm, then the trigger never happened and no email will go out once you turn setup mode off.

    During setup mode, we will only send an email if a user changes their account email, in which case we will send a verification email to the account holder.

    • Two-level leave approval.
    • Timesheet entry.

    Helpful Hint

    Employment Hero provides three timesheet types:

    • Start and End Time Based on Daily Entries.
    • Daily Hours Based on Daily Entries.
    • Daily Hours Based on Weekly Entries.
    • Negative leave balance.


    If your payroll admin enables the Hide an Employee's Leave Balance feature within the payroll platform, then an employee can still submit a leave request even if they go into a negative balance and you have enabled this feature.

    • Calendar type.
    • Overnight timesheets.


    The overnight timesheets feature is only available if you select the Start and End Times Based on Daily Entries timesheet option.

    • Show staff details.
    • Enforce two-factor authentication
    • Typical work day.
    • Automatically pay employees.
    • HR Manager emails.

    Helpful Hint

    Employment Hero adds the HR manager's email to your platform invitation email. Providing a new employee with a point of contact for any issues regarding the platform. You can enter multiple HR manager emails by using a comma to separate them.

    • Work safe authority.

    Helpful Hint

    Work-safe authorities can review all safety incident reports.

  5. Click the Save button. 

Further information

Employment settings feature availability
Function Free Standard Premium Platinum
Setup mode        
Two-level leave approval        
Timesheet: Start and end times based on daily entries        
Timesheet: Daily hours based on daily entries        
Timesheet: Daily entries based on weekly entries        
Negative leave balance        
Calendar type        
Overnight timesheets        
Show staff details        
Enforce two-factor authentication        
Typical work day        
Automatically pay employees        
HR manager emails        
Work-safe authority        

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