MYOB Account Right error: Terminated employee showing as active


Type Feature Error Description
Employee status Employee file A terminated employee on MYOB appears as active on the Employment Hero platform.


The transfer of employee data between Employment Hero and MYOB Account Right is one way. Any changes you make to the employee file within MYOB Account Right will not synchronise over to Employment Hero.

You should make all employee file changes within Employment Hero, which will then automatically sync these changes over to your MYOB Account Right platform. To read further details on exactly what data Employment Hero syncs over to MYOB Account Right, refer to the following article.


Off-boarding the terminated employee within Employment Hero will set their employment status to terminated and this information will then sync through to your MYOB Account Right platform. To read further informations on how to off-board an employee within Employment Hero, refer to the following article.

Helpful Hint

When integrating your MYOB platform with your Employment Hero platform, it will always bring through terminated employees. However, we will automatically terminate them and there is no cost for these employees as a component of your subscription. Terminated employees are on your platform for reporting purposes only, and you have the option to re-activate their file in the event they return to your business at any time in the future.

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