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Type Feature Error Name
Sync dashboard Salary history Pay details cannot be synced to Xero.


This error occurs when you try to update an employee's salary via CSV and/or when first integrating Xero with Employment Hero. Employment Hero only supports the ability to have one pay line (pay category/earnings rate) per employee, whereas Xero can support multiply pay lines per employee. 

This causes an error when an admin changes an employee’s salary within Employment Hero, as the platform has no method of identifying which earnings rate on Xero needs updating. Instead, it will create a payroll sync error on your organisation's Sync Dashboard.

This error may also occur when an employee profile has another sync error, such as a missing tax detail. 


To resolve the error, first navigate to the Pay Details section in the employee file and then update their salary history. To read further details on how to undertake this update, refer to the following article.

If the error occurs due to a sync error follow the instructions below:

  1. Resolve the sync error listed in yellow under the employee's name.
  2. Navigate to Salary Details to update. 
  3. If the error is not resolved, select Pay Details
  4. Click on Pay Run Details and deselect Synchronise with payroll.
  5. Next update the salary and reselect Synchronise with payroll.
  6. Once the employee has completed their onboarding and the profile has synced with Xero, return to Pay Details and update the salary details to sync to Xero.
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