MYOB guide: Leave balance visibility

How it works

Organisations may have requirements where employees should have visibility on certain leave categories whereas other categories they may need this visibility disabled. If this is the case for your organisation, then MYOB Account Right allows you to configure what balances an employee will see in both their payslips and within Employment Hero's leave feature.


Employment Hero only shows leave balances that your organisation has made visible to your employees through the entitlement payroll categories settings in MYOB. 


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What you need to do

There are two steps that an administrator needs to complete, when setting leave balance visibility in Employment Hero when connected to MYOB Account Right. An administrator needs to complete these actions on both the Employment Hero and MYOB Account Right platforms. The two steps are: 

Step 1: Setting leave balance visibility

To begin with, you will need to edit your leave categories and select what visibility your employees will have regarding the accrued leave balance. 


You will need to repeat the following steps for each leave category that needs its accrued leave visibility changed.

The steps on how to undertake this are:

  1. Log in to your MYOB Account Right platform.
  2. Click the Payroll menu.
  3. Click the Payroll Categories submenu.
  4. Click the Entitlements button.
  5. Click on the leave category that needs leave balance visibility edited.
  6. Choose from the following options:
    • Select the Print on Pay Advice tick box to show the leave balance.
    • Deselect the Print on Pay Advice tick box to hide the leave balance.
  7. Click the Ok button.
Step 2: Importing the leave categories

Since Employment Hero is the source of truth for information such as company settings, payroll settings, and employee file data; it will require you to re-synchronise your platforms to import the updated leave category settings. 

The steps on how to undertake this are:

  1. Click the Payroll Settings menu.
  2. Click the Leave Categories submenu.
  3. Click the Update From Payroll button.

    Helpful Hint

    The Leave Categories page will now show a green Updated button. This means Employment Hero has successfully imported your leave categories from your MYOB platform.


Further information

Why do I see multiple leave balances against the one leave category?

MYOB's API logic means Employment Hero cannot separate leave balances to their corresponding leave category. This limitation means when hovering over an employee leave request, Employment Hero will display all leave balances corresponding to that employee.

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