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Within your organisation, you may have contractors that require a certain qualification, pass certain training courses, or hold a particular license. As an example, certifications can form a requirement for certain roles, such as a security guard needing a security license.

The Certification feature allows your contractors to complete their assigned certifications, update the data if it expires and view a history log of their uploaded documentation. While a manager can use this feature to view and then approve and/or decline, a contractor submitted certification.

Certifications will only appear within a contractor's file if your admin has created and assigned the records via the Certification Settings feature. To read further details on this feature, refer to the following article.


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  User Access:   Employee   Manager   Admin

  This is the default access level, excluding any changes made via our Custom Security feature.

Getting started

Update a certification

Helpful Hint

You can only complete a certification when the status shows as outstanding. To read further details on the various certification statuses, refer to the following article section.

  1. Click the   Personnel menu.
  2. Click the Independent Contractor submenu.
  3. Select the contractor that needs a certification completed.
  4. Click the Certifications tab.
  5. Click the Actions button.
  6. Click the Update button.
  7. Complete the following fields:
    • Any driving offences/accidents/cancellations.
    • Completion date.

    Helpful Hint

    Depending on the certification type assigned to the employee, the field will either say Completion Date or Expiry Date.

    • Supporting documentation.

    Helpful Hint

    To add a supporting document, click the Choose File button, then upload the required file. Once the supporting documentation has been successfully uploaded, the system will automatically save the file. The maximum uploaded file size allowed is 10Mb.

  8. Click the Save button.
Approve a certification
  1. Click the   Personnel menu.
  2. Click the Independent Contractor submenu.
  3. Select the contractor that needs a certification approved.
  4. Click the Certifications tab.
  5. Click the Actions button.
  6. Click the Review button.
  7. Click the Approve button.
Decline a certification


You can decline certifications that have either an In Review or Active status message.

  1. Click the   Personnel menu.
  2. Click the Independent Contractor submenu.
  3. Select the contractor that needs a certification declined.
  4. Click the Certifications tab.
  5. Click the Actions button.
  6. Click the Review button.
  7. Click the Decline button.
  8. Enter the reason for declining the certification, and click the Save button.


View the certification supporting document history
  1. Click the   Personnel menu.
  2. Click the Independent Contractor submenu.
  3. Select the contractor whose certificate you wish to view.
  4. Click the Certifications tab. 
  5. Click the Actions button.
  6. Click the View button.

    Helpful Hint

    You will now see the certification details on your screen and a submission time and date log for each piece of supporting documentation associated with this certification. You can click on the documentation link to view the details of this documentation.


Further information

Definitions: Certification status
Active.  Contractor has completed the certification and all the details are valid. 
In review.  Contractor has completed the certification; however, it requires a primary or secondary manager to approve or decline it. 
Outstanding.  Contractor has not yet completed the certification. 
Declined.  The contractor's manager has declined the certification. 
Expired.  The certification is no longer valid because of its expiry or renewal date. 

Legal Disclaimer

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Author Recommended

So you have now used the contractor certifications feature and you are now wondering what next can I do. There are two recommendations I would make on this front and they are:

  • HR Employee File: Certifications This feature is where you can view, manage and approve the certifications assigned to a particular employee and it works the same way as the contractor version you have just read.
  • Certification Report: This feature allows you to run a report on the certifications assigned across the whole organisation, and can give you insight into how many certifications still need actioning by your employees or approving by your managers.
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