How do I set up my Learning Management System?

Employment Hero provides you with access to a Learning Management System (LMS) add-on, which you can enable in your HR platform to help you create, assign, and track employment-related learning within your organisation. 

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  What kind of learning content can I create?  

The Learning functionality is flexible. You can create and assign longer, multi-media courses for your employees to complete. Or you can use the feature in a lightweight manner and use simply to host quizzes or test following training that your organisation may have held in person.

  How do employees get added to the LMS?  

When you onboard a new employee on the HR platform, we will add them to the LMS platform automatically. Please note someone will need to block them on your LMS once them they are terminated on your HR platform.

  Can I track my employees' learning on the HR platform?  

Yes, you view the courses assigned to your employees and their progress in the assigned learning report

  What happens when an employee leaves the business?  

We do not delete an employee from the LMS. You may wish to block their account by heading to the Users tab in the LMS. You can read more information in the following FAQ.

  How do I disable the LMS?  

If you change your mind about the LMS, it is not possible to disable the integration, however, you can hide the My Learning tab in via the Menu Customisation feature.

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