Payroll STP lodgement warning: Country Code must be provided.


Type. Feature. Warning Name.
Lodgement warning. Employee Details. Country Code must be provided. When the Pay/Update Date is after 30/6/2020, Country Code must be provided when the Income Stream Type Code is one of the following: FEI, WHM, or IAA.


You need to enter the employee's home country, as per their visa correctly, from the applicable start date. If you have not entered this data correctly, the platform will display the above warning when you go to submit an STP lodgment.


There are two paths you can take, and which one depends on whether you are using just Employment Hero Payroll or also have Employment Hero HR. If you just have our payroll product, you can refer to the following article on how to update an employee's country code. If you have our HR product, you will need to make these changes on the HR side, and you can refer to the following article on how to undertake this action.

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