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Getting started

   What is SmartMatch?     

A feature that connects you with relevant candidates for jobs that you are hiring for and roles that you may not have yet thought about. This groundbreaking feature ‌reveals matched candidates for your existing roles that rapidly accelerates your ability to find and hire new employees. Whether you are looking to expand on additional teams, create more depth to existing functions, or replace employees that are leaving, SmartMatch is the most efficient way to connect with candidates.

  How does SmartMatch work?    

SmartMatch requires candidates to create a Swag profile including information regarding their interest, education, and experiences. Based on the information they provide, SmartMatch matches them to jobs that organisations may need and share the candidate profile with the employer so they can consider the candidate without needing to post a job ad.

  How do I view more information about a candidate I am interested in?   

Click on click the   button in the candidate’s card to view their full profile.

  How do I save a candidate I am interested in?   

Click on the  button in the candidate’s card to save the candidate. All saved recommendations will then be visible on the Saved Candidates page. You can access the Saved Candidates page either via the Recruitment menu item or via the Recommendations icon in the top navigation bar.

  How can I contact a candidate that I am interested in?   

From the Saved Candidates page, add relevant candidates to an existing or new job listing in the Recruitment module. Once you have added a recommendation to a new or existing job listing, you can then contact the candidate and move them through the recruitment journey. Some candidates may limit their communication preferences and can only be contacted via the platform and not via email or phone.


  Will Employment Hero recommend my employees to other employers?  

No. Your employees only see jobs available within your organisation through the Swag app. We exclude recommending all active employees on the Employment Hero platform to any organisation.

  Have recommended candidates provided their consent for me to contact them?   

Yes. All candidates displayed with SmartMatch have created a profile with Swag and indicated consent to share their information with ‌potential hiring managers. Some candidates may limit their communication preferences and can only be contacted via the platform and not via email or phone.

  How is Employment Hero using my data to generate these recommendations?  

SmartMatch requires candidates to create a Swag profile with information regarding their interest, education, and experiences. Based on the information that candidates provide, SmartMatch then recommends candidates for organisations based on the organisation's location (company address) and the types of role (job titles) in that organisation. Recommendations are based on the job title of the selected view you are on and the location of your company address.

Please note that editing a role will not automatically update your job ad on your chosen job board. After making updates to the role, you must manually repost these updates to your chosen job board provided via the Job Boards tab.

  Where do you get your Candidates from?  

Candidates are sourced from Swag, Employment Hero’s consumer-facing brand that helps job seekers find new work.

  How do I record internal notes for a candidate?   

You can add activity notes under each candidate's file, including uploading documents to your note. To read further information on this process, refer to the following article.

Commonly asked questions

  How can I control who and where SmartMatch is shown?  

Navigate to the General Settings module and go to the Recruitment Settings page, then select the SmartMatch Settings tab. From this page you will be able to control where in the platform the talent recommendations feature is displayed. However, note that SmartMatch settings can only be switched on/off at the organisation level, not at the user level.

  How do I improve the quality of recommendations?  

The quality of recommendations depends on how complete and accurate the information is for your organisation and employees. For example, to improve the quality of the recommendations, you could:

  • Make sure your company address is up to date.
  • Make sure your employee job titles are up-to-date and reflect commonly used job titles from your industry.

  What does it cost?  

SmartMatch is currently available with ‌your paid HR subscription on a pre-release trial. We do not currently charge you to see candidate recommendations or hire any of the recommended candidates. We are working hard to improve the effectiveness of SmartMatch with the aim of making it the best way to find talent. Further details regarding the full release of SmartMatch will be announced soon.

  Is SmartMatch available with my subscription?   

Smart Match is currently available and free with your paid subscription.

  Is SmartMatch available with Hiring Essentials?  

No. SmartMatch is currently only available for employers with a paid subscription.

  What countries is SmartMatch available in?  

SmartMatch is available globally. However, this relies on a pool of quality candidates within every geography. If there are not enough qualified candidates within your specific geography, you may not see the SmartMatch feature appear.

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