Build my own reports using the wizard via the HR platform

Available for the following HR plan: Free, Standard, Premium, Platinum
Available for the following user access levels: Admin      

If there is no existing report which meets the needs of the Administrator or Owner, they can utilise the Report Builder to craft their own report to track, oversee, and report on areas such as staff benefits or the gender breakdown of their organisation.

You can also use this feature to preview any reports you have previously created using this new report builder, edit the data if it changes, download the information, and delete the record if it is no longer required. Before being able to use the Report Builder feature, you will need to enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account.


A custom report is only accessible to the unique owner or admin user who created the report. An Admin or Owner who created a custom report also cannot grant access to these reports through Custom Security Settings to another user. You can now utilise the progress step bar at the top of the page to navigate directly to the area that you need to edit.

Getting started

Build a report
  1. Click the   Reports menu.
  2. Click the Create New tab.
  3. Click the Click the Use Wizard button.
    Report 1.jpg
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Report name.
    • Add a description.
    • Report group.
  5. Click the Next button. 
    Screenshot of the HR platform highlighting the first stage of creating a report using the Report Builder
  6. Complete the following fields:
    • Table name.
    • Select data fields.
  7. Click the Next button.
    Screenshot of the HR platform showing how to include specific fields into a report.
  8. Arrange the order of your data fields by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.
  9. Click the Create button.
Add Visuals


Reports with specific fields allow you to create visual column charts for easier data comprehension. Look for fields marked with a chart icon in your report builder. These fields support visual column charts:

  • Termination type.
  • Termination reason.
  • Is manager.
  • Employment status.
  • Onboarding status.
  • Gender.
  • Nationality.
  • Teams.
  • Location.
  • Employee address country.
  • Employing entity.
  • Location

  • Team.

  • Entity.

  • Employment Status.

  • Date Filter Target

  • Date Range.

  • Personnel.

  • Age

  1. Click the Column Chart in the final step.
  2. Enter a Chart Title name.
  3. Choose a Horizontal Axis Data Field from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the Create button


    Currently, you can only include one chart per report.


Daily activities

Filter the  report
  1. Click the   Reports menu.
  2. Open the report you built.
  3. Use the Filter fields to refine your displayed data. Report 6.jpg

Data management

Download a report
  1. Click the   Reports menu.
  2. Open the report you built.
  3. Click the Three Dots button.
  4. Click the Download CSV button.
    Report 4.jpg 

Editing data

Edit a report
  1. Click the   Reports menu.
  2. Open the report you built that needs editing
  3. Click the   button. 
  4. Make the required changes and click the Save button.

Deleting data

Delete a report


Only reports you​ have created yourself can be deleted from the Reports page. System reports, which are pre-built and essential for the platform, cannot be deleted.

  1. Click the   Reports menu.
  2. Click the top-left icon to change to List View.
    Screenshot of the HR platform highlighting the list view button available when viewing your reports.
  3. Find the relevant report and click the Delete button.
    Screenshot of the HR platform showing the delete button that allows you to delete a report.

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  • It would be great to be able to schedule reports to be emailed to you - where you have reports that need to be run each week of month

  • Hey Clare Ireland  I can definitely see how having the ability to schedule the reports you built on the the HR platform to email out each month would make for an impactful feature set and add value to your organisation's way of working. Although this is not current functionality, please be assured, I have noted this as feedback and shared it with our product development team for future consideration. 

  • Would also be great if we could build custom reports within the scope of Recruitment, such as how many interviews were conducted, sorted by which staff, etc. Currently it seems to be limited to the scope of staff data.

  • Hi Noah Rafac

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    I agree that this would be very useful, so I have added this onto the product team's internal feature request board. 


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