Could not find the object for API endpoint | Xero Error


Type Feature Error Name
Sync error Leave Couldn't find the object for API Endpoint


This error occurs when the following process occurs:

  1. A manager or admin approves a leave request submitted via Employment Hero, that then successfully syncs through to your Xero platform.
  2. Your Xero payroll admin deletes the synced Employment Hero leave request via your Xero platform.
  3. A manager or admin then edits or updates the leave request on Employment Hero, which then tries to sync the leave request to Xero with the new updates.


First, you will need to delete the affected leave request within Employment Hero and Xero. Once you delete the affected leave requests, you will then need to resubmit the leave requests in Employment Hero, and once approved, they will sync successfully over to your Xero platform.

To read further details on how to delete and then create an employee leave request within Employment Hero, refer to the following article.

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