How do I use the Recruitment module? via the HR platform

Our recruitment module allows you to advertise roles, monitor job seekers, control referrals, correspond with candidates, and even welcome new personnel from any part of the world. This page will help you customise your own recruitment procedures to make the hiring process more efficient and assemble a team of the best personnel.


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Hire anyone, anywhere

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  Who has involvement in the recruitment process?  

As a platform Admin/Owner, you will have responsibility for building the hiring process and the integration with the relevant job boards. But you can add Collaborators to a hiring stage to help review and comment on candidate applications. You can also add Hiring Managers who have permissions to edit the job description and hiring process and review applications.

  What job boards can the platform post on?  

A list of providers is available in the following article.

  How do we get the Job Board IDs required to integrate with the Job Board?  

You will need to contact your job board provider directly who will provide you with the relevant information.

  How long does it take to post a role on a job board?  

The time it takes depends on the job board provider, but this can take up to 24 hours from the time of posting for a role to go live.

  If I post a role on a job board, will it create a job in Employment Hero?  

No, if you manually post a role on a job board, this will not flow back to Employment Hero, you must always create the job in Employment Hero first and then post via Employment Hero to your chosen job board.

  Can I onboard the successful candidate through the ATS?  

When you move a candidate to the Hired stage of the hiring process, you will see an Onboard button. Clicking this will navigate you to the Employee Onboarding feature. The information that will pre-populate includes the name and email address of the candidate and the job title.

  When applicants are auto-disqualified due to screening questions, do they automatically receive an email notifying them of being unsuccessful?  

No, candidates are not automatically notified. We are looking into this currently in next years roadmap. For now, you can always respond to any disqualified candidates from the relevant role.

  Does a successful candidates recruitment activity trail and attachments flow through to their profile once they have been onboarded??  

Not currently, but we have noted this feedback with our product team.

  Is it possible to edit an advert once it has been posted to a job board?  

Absolutely, from the Roles tab click the relevant role and then select the More options button followed by the Edit role Details button. Make the required changes on this page and then click the Save & Continue button. Next, select the Repost to Job Boards button and select the job boards you are wanting to update. Lastly, click the Continue button followed by the Published button.

  What correspondence does the candidate receive?  

The ATS will generate an email upon receiving an application, and when moving a candidate to the Disqualified stage of the hiring process, you can notify them directly of the outcome of their application.

Did you know...

You can also use the ATS for candidates that have applied for the role directly via email or through a colleague’s referral. You can achieve this by using the Add Candidate button to upload their application details.

You also do not need to post the role to a job board to get value out of the feature. You can use the ATS as an effective way to create a paper trail of the application process and create an environment of collaboration between multiple stakeholders involved in the hiring process.

If you would like more help and training on the recruitment and onboarding process, check out the following handbook, covering the following topics:

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  • How to use employer branding and EVP to up your hiring and retention game.
  • What to avoid in induction.
  • How to handle probation periods like a pro.

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